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Faith Baptist Church offers opportunities to be involved in many ministries. From teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir and helping out in our Junior Church to visitation on Saturday Morning, there is something for everyone to be a part of.

Sunday School
At Faith Baptist Church we recognize the importance of training tomorrow’s leaders today. The Word of God instructs us to “train up a child,” therefore, we have a comprehensive Sunday School program designed to approach children in their age group and comprehension levels. All materials for 2 years old up to 6th grade are keyed together so children in this age bracket can discuss their lessons with their parents using take-home crafts and artwork. Each child has an understanding of the material based on his/her level of comprehension. We encourage teachers to use all audio/visual aids at their disposal to aid in this process. All lessons and teaching aids are based on the King James Bible. 

If you are interested in having your child attend a strong, Bible-based Sunday school, we believe Faith Baptist Church fills that need. An energetic bus ministry brings many children to our Sunday school department each Sunday morning. To arrange for your child to be picked up, please call the Church office at (864) 855-8000, and speak to Mrs. Lou Scrivner.

Truth Trackers
Truth Trackers is a Christian Children's program that encourages children to memorize God's Word and develop Christian character from the workbooks that are used. The entire program is geared toward reaching children with the gospel of Jesus Christ and then helping them grow spiritually. Truth Trackers has an organized game time for different ages as well as a memory time and concludes with a devotional time where young people are presented with Biblical truths from God's Word and encouraged to trust Christ for salvation and learn of Christ by growing spiritually. The program times are from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM Wednesday nights. They start in the gymnasium at Faith Baptist Church. The program reaches three years old up to the sixth grade.

Youth Group
The Faith Baptist Church High School Youth program is driven by two primary objectives: evangelizing and training young men and women to reproduce the fruit of the Spirit in their daily lives. We feel strongly that this personal transformation will produce spiritually mature believers that are able to actively demonstrate the power of God and ultimately affect others. It is sobering to consider that our young people are making decisions in these early years that will affect the remainder of their lives. In fact, some will bear the life long marks of poor decisions that are the simple result of spiritual immaturity. It is our mission to aid them in developing the ability to discern proper choices, and set them on a life track that is successful and pleasing to God. We are also active in busing in young people from local public schools, some of which are relatively un-churched. This effort to evangelize beyond our church family can be challenging and therefore in many churches is dismissed as disruptive to the church kids. As a result, this philosophy is producing a generation of churches that seemingly lack the desire to evangelize and disciple. It is our goal to help our church teens develop to a place spiritually that they are able to positively influence others rather than suffer the effects of the world’s influences.

Easley Christian School
We are located on the beautiful campus of Faith Baptist Church in Easley, South Carolina, just north of Highway 123 on Saco-Lowell Rd. ECS is a member of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools (SCACS) as well as the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS).  Click the link to the left to learn about the school.