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Missionary Closet

Faith Baptist Church is thrilled to be able to support almost 40 missionary families living around the world. When most people think of supporting missionaries the first two things that come to mind are monetary gifts and prayers. But another way Faith Baptist Church enjoys supporting its missionaries is by keeping a stocked "Missionary Closet". 

Our "Missionary Closet" is room where items especially chosen and bought for our missionaries are kept. Every time a missionary family comes to our church, each member is able to go to the "Missionary Closet" and take things they can use. Our goal is to provide the much-needed necessities. 

Missionaries frequently have rigorous travel schedules and often live out of their suitcases for weeks at a time while they are on deputation or furlough, visiting churches and family. An array of toiletries, car tools and school supplies are the most sought after items. We also want to provide things like travel games, books, and CDs to make their travel more comfortable. Then we thoroughly enjoy providing extra-special items the missionary families may not be able to buy themselves. 

We hope our "Missionary Closet" is one more way we can let our missionary families know how much we appreciate them.