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Current Missionaries

Individuals / Couples

Baker, Lloyd and Edith - Philippines 
Breeden, Greg - Maine Church Planting 
Crnkovic, Kornel and Tanja - Croatia 
Dayton, Bob and Sabina - Director, Central America (B.I.M.I.) 
Halsey, John - Director (B.I.M.I.) 
Hansen, Bill and Ellie - France 
Huckaby, Vardaman and Julie - China
Himadeh, Atif and Raja - Israel 
Johnson, David and Juanita - Gospel Literature Outreach 
Kelly, Bruce - Deaf ministry in Georgia, USA
Kweder, Tom and Selva - Gen. Dir., Worldwide Tentmakers / ROGMA VP 
Larrabee, John and Joyce - Brazil 
Lockhart, Mark and Karri - Mexico City
McBride, Ken and Connie - GFA Helps missionaries. Currently in Michigan.
Mutzke, Reinhard and Mary-Jeanne - Germany 
Sanchez, Alejandro and Fina - Spain 
Thompson, Dr. Ray and Jean Executive Director / V.P. (B.I.M.I.) 
Todd, Richard and Lynda - Argentina 
Turner, Russ and Lynn - Costa Rica 
Villarreal II, Rey and Julie - Mexico 
Washer, Ron and Ann - Admin. Africa 
Whiffen, Mark and Donna - Mexico City
Worley, Doug and Helen Singapore 


BIMI Institute Nicaragua 

Prayer Support

Ruse, Ron and Brenda - Nova Scotia, Canada
DiBagno, Frank and Sherry - Italy
Gilliam, Kelly and Rebekah - Australia